Vuoti Ferite Cicatrici

2012/2013 (portrait of Arimortis)     

180x75x20 cm Mixed media on Animal Skin .

ARIMORTIS is a project curated By Milovan Farronato and Roberto Cuoghi at Museo Del Novecento, Milan April/September 2013

The term that gives the exhibition its title - often abbreviated as "arimo" - is in fact used conventionally among children during the game, to ask for a suspension. In the windows of the Archives Room of the Museo del Novecento, the break allows "an intricate, unusual and suggestive cataloging of data: the works coexist with the objects of affection, the" memorabilia "with the strenuous - sometimes even dramatic - attempts to externalize the own intimate emotional responses ”.

 "The works on display represent an intentionally instinctual world that forces the seals of the white notice boards in white corian and crystal designed by Italo Rota: beyond the finiteness and perfect functionality, a whirlwind of oversized and oversized" window decals "that turns the perspectives artistic evaluation for the duration of the exhibition ". This shows the paradoxical presumption of forcing excesses under the display case, of confining drive attitudes without an overview or planning.